Was in der Allgemeinen Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft noch vorgeht

Foundational and actual questions

Preliminary, uncorrected translation!

Foundational questions on the so-called constitutional question

Note regarding the English translation

With this translation of contributions on certain developments concerning the General Anthroposophical Society, this non-official website also begins to report in English. Unfortunately, not all publications and foundational information which these reports refer to and which are cited as sources are available in English. Nevertheless, the reader should be able to form a realistic picture of the developments. We hope that further sources, currently only available in German, can also be translated into English in the near future.

Many, if not most, members live in the belief that the General Anthroposophical Society is the Anthroposophical Society founded by Rudolf Steiner at the Christmas Conference. Unfortunately, this view continues to be fuelled by unclear statements by the leadership of the Society.
Apparently there are contradictions that at least raise questions:

  • The founding year of the General Anthroposophical Society is 1913, not 1923! In fact, this society was originally founded as the Johannes-Bau Association and was renamed the General Anthroposophical Society in 1925.
  • The name of the Society founded at the Christmas Conference in 1923/24 was “Anthroposophical Society”, as can be clearly seen, for example, from the statutes and the membership card.
  • Today’s views that a fusion has taken place and that the General Anthroposophical Society is therefore also the Christmas Conference Society are not tenable, see the “Myth of Fusion” (currently only available in German).
  • Over the decades, significant changes were made to the Articles of Association, and in 1935 the cooptation principle for Executive Council extensions was enshrined in the Articles of Society. This does not go back to Rudolf Steiner.
  • The following links and articles are available for download to answer these and other fundamental and current questions.

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