Was in der Allgemeinen Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft noch vorgeht

Motion concerning the corona behaviour of the leadership

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The General Assembly 2024 of the General Anthroposophical Society may express and resolve the following:

  • The behaviour of the leadership of the General Anthroposophical Society and the School of Spiritual Science during the coronavirus period needs to be investigated. The statements and descriptions in the explanatory statement – which may need to be expanded – should serve as a guide for this reappraisal. The extent to which these correspond to the facts and the actual events and behaviour of those responsible must be reviewed.
  • To this end, a review commission is to be formed, whose equal number of executive and non-executive members is to be determined by the first signatories of this motion and the Executive Board of the AAG. The work of this commission requires professional moderation..
  • The working method is determined by the group itself with the significant involvement of the moderator. In stalemate situations, the moderator can decide on the procedure. Care must be taken to ensure that the membership is informed in an appropriate form via the Society’s publication organs about progress – including aspects on which no consensus can be reached. After 12 months at the latest, a detailed and open report on the progress and the topics dealt with must be submitted.
  • The Society will provide the necessary resources for communication – online and in print. If necessary, costs and reimbursement of expenses (e.g. for moderation) are also to be borne, insofar as these are necessary and appropriate for the work of the Commission. To inform the entire membership, this motion and the result of the vote of the General Assembly will be published in full within three months in the weekly journal “Das Goetheanum” (print and online), in the news section of the website at www.goetheanum.org and, if not already published, in “Anthroposophy


In view of the increasingly obvious inconsistencies and untruths, especially about the gene-based “vaccinations” with which around ¾ of humanity has been “immunised” at least once, the question arises as to whether a great disaster has not been caused by corona and these “vaccinations”, the consequences of which we cannot yet overlook. A reappraisal of what has happened has long been underway informally, even if this is being ignored by politicians and the mainstream media and the corresponding agendas of supranational organisations are being driven forward, with which the population’s freedom can be massively restricted in the future in the event of alleged threats, not only from diseases.

In this context, a review of the behaviour of our anthroposophical institutions – in particular the Medical Section and the Leadership of the General Anthroposophical Society – is necessary in order to be better prepared for future challenges. The following is a summary of the main points that may need to be expanded:

  • Independently of Corona, it has been observed for some time that the management of our institutions is increasingly submitting to the alleged consensus in the sciences, which is only produced by the media and politics, and not only accepts the resulting “bans on thinking”, but also believes that it can cooperate with the corresponding institutions and carry out joint research within the “framework of thinking” prescribed by these institutions, but also to protect anthroposophy from attacks..[1]
  • As a result, even within the Society, scientific debate in the sense of a free spiritual life was not allowed, and dissenters were increasingly ignored or even discredited as conspiracy theorists (e.g. on the occasion of a book review in “Das Goetheanum”).
  • Although members of the Goetheanum Leadership did not fully share the views of the Medical Section leadership, they apparently did not speak out, or did not do so in a sufficiently visible way, for reasons of solidarity.
  • With the theory of the virus as a pathogen, monocausal thinking (actually a belief) has been followed, although there is no scientific evidence for this (see www.wtg-99.com/aufarbeitung) and Rudolf Steiner described this view as a modern superstition.
  • Rudolf Steiner’s statements contradicting these theories were either not reproduced at all or only in abbreviated form, so that he could appear to be in favour of vaccination.
  • It remains to be seen whether this was a pandemic in the true sense of the word.
  • The question of the being in the spiritual sense of vaccination was not addressed, although Rudolf Steiner already spoke of the vaccinated person being “clothed with a phantom” in relation to the smallpox vaccination at the time, whereby the person would become “constitutionally materialistic”.[2]
  • It can be assumed that many decisions in favour of “vaccination” were made in reliance on the pronouncements of the Medical Section. The considerable lack of research into both the processes of infection and the effects of vaccination on the higher limbs of the human being became apparent – and not just in relation to Corona..
  • The question arises as to why the critical voices, especially those of doctors and other experts from an anthroposophical and non-anthroposophical perspective, were not taken into account and why there was no or only inadequate response to the relevant information..

In view of the questions raised by the attitude of Anthroposophical Medicine, and the Medical Section in particular, during the so-called Corona pandemic, an open and unbiased reappraisal is essential. Ideally, this reappraisal should take place from within, in a neutrally moderated process between those responsible in the Society’s leadership and those who are involved and committed to this reappraisal. This would bring a considerable gain in authenticity, both internally and externally, and in several areas at the same time: scientific, medical and social – in the sense of a positive role model for necessary reappraisal processes in the rest of the world.

The aim of this review would be, among other things, to find mutually agreeable ways of dealing with similar challenges in the future, especially with regard to the free exchange of different points of view and their publication in the Society’s media.

Further notes and information, references, sources and details of Rudolf Steiner’s statements: www.wtg-99.com/aufarbeitung (mostly in German).

[1] Newsletter 61, www.wtg-99.com, “Rundbriefarchiv”, German only.
[2] GA 314, S. 278.

Support for the motion

If you would like to support this motion, please complete the following form. Your name will only be passed on to the Executive Board of the General Anthroposophical Society in connection with this application and will be published in the context of the motion or used with the communication of other supporters, unless you consent to publication on the Internet.

List of signatories (as at 28 February 2024)

Currently 191 signatories. First signatories in the sense of the motion are marked with *.

Alejandra Chiappano – Ruiz de Montoya – Argentinien
Ian George – Armadale – Australien
Maureen Havas-D’Andrea – West Hobart Tasmania – Australien
Dr Jo Lunay – Hilton – Australien
Dr. David Ritchie – Leichhardt – Australien
Imel de Boeck – Haasrode – Belgien
Côte Marie_Françoise – Chaumont-Gistoux – Belgien
Slobodan Žalica – Mokro – Bosnia-Herzegovina
Franz Arndt – Überlingen – Deutschland
Susanne Beoca – Müllheim – Deutschland
Marion Berglein-Kasat – Schopfheim – Deutschland
Dipl.Ing. Heide-Marie Breckenfelder – Müllheim – Deutschland
Benno Burghardt – Tübingen – Deutschland
Beate Dittmer – Dresden – Deutschland
Ralf Donner – Dresden – Deutschland
Gabriele Dorka-Bottke – Owingen – Deutschland
Annegret Drengenberg – Kiel – Deutschland
Sabine Eisenhauer – Germering – Deutschland
Christoph Ernst – Welzheim – Deutschland
Dietmar Ferger – Dachsberg – Deutschland
Ingrid Feustel – Wangen – Deutschland
Angela Freyer – Kleinmachnow – Deutschland
Gundula Gathmann – Langen – Deutschland
Dirk Genth – Groß Grönau – Deutschland
Dr. med. Stefan Görnitz – Straubing – Deutschland
Dr. med. Andreas Johannes Grüner – Halle (Saale) – Deutschland
Claudia Hackert – Berlin – Deutschland
Martin-Ingbert Heigl – Ulm – Deutschland
Herbert Heinz – Unterlengenhardt – Deutschland
Imke Helmers – Badenweiler – Deutschland
Dr. Freimuth Hessenbruch – Remshalden – Deutschland
Ute Hild – Wnterbach – Deutschland
Edith Höpfl – Dresden – Deutschland
Cordula Jordan – Edingen-Neckarhausen – Deutschland
Dr. Hellmut Kalbe – Frankfurt – Deutschland
Dr. Bettina Kegel – Ötisheim – Deutschland
László Keresztes – Frankfurt am Main – Deutschland
Dr.Dr. Dieter Kissel – Niefern-Öschelbronn – Deutschland
Dr. med Sibylle Klein – Gaienhofen – Deutschland
Hannelore Knauer – Stuttgart – Deutschland
Jürgen Knothe – Dietzenbach – Deutschland
Gabriel Krappmann – Dresden – Deutschland
Angelika Kühnert – Dresden – Deutschland
Dr. med. Thomas Külken – Staufen – Deutschland
Silke Kürschner – Magdeburg – Deutschland
Barbara Lampe – Frücht – Deutschland
Jean-Peter Lange – Brackenheim – Deutschland
Dr. med. Wolfgang Leonhardt* – Luckaitztal – Deutschland
Sabine Liedtke – Ottersberg – Deutschland
Maria Francesca Lingua – Herrischried – Deutschland
Friedrich Loring – Elmshorn – Deutschland
Heinrich Lütke-Schwienhorst –  – Deutschland
A. Lutz – Korb – Deutschland
Ilona Metz – Pforzheim – Deutschland
Paul Metzger – Dresden – Deutschland
Thomas Metzlaff – Berlin – Deutschland
Geert Möbius – Mehlingen – Deutschland
Christoph Möllmann – Borchen – Deutschland
Katharina Mönch – Jena – Deutschland
Angela Münich – Ladenburg – Deutschland
Christian Onneken – Kirchberg – Deutschland
Heike Paesler-Dechant – Kassel – Deutschland
Irmgard Paggen-Wabnitz – Sarnberg – Deutschland
Renate Pflästerer – Seeheim – Deutschland
Ralf Polduwe – Dortmund – Deutschland
Prof.em. Dr. Karl-Klaus Pullig – Paderborn – Deutschland
Almuth Ranft – Dresden – Deutschland
Christian Rauser – Celle – Deutschland
Karin Ritter – Heuchelheim – Deutschland
Dominic Ritter – Heuchelheim – Deutschland
Karin Rothkegel – Kaiserpfalz – Deutschland
Gert Schäfer – Dresden – Deutschland
Dr. Stefan Schindler – Rosenfeld – Deutschland
Ingrid Schleyer – Badenweiler – Deutschland
Frank Schmiedel – Niestetal – Deutschland
Sascha Scholz – Neuhausen / Spree – Deutschland
Heinrich Schuld – Walluf – Deutschland
Klaus Schumacher – Freiburg – Deutschland
Senta Stein – Kirchberg – deutschland
Helga Steinberg – Reichelsheim – Deutschland
Angela Stolz – Lörrach – Deutschland
Angelika Strnad-Meier – Hamburg – Deutschland
Pablo Szuster – Neustadt a.d. Weinstraße – Deutschland
Bärbel Thielemann – Visselhövede – Deutschland
Dr. med. Torsten Traut* – Eisenach – Deutschland
Elisabeth Van den Bogaert – Lüneburg – Deutschland
Sylvia Van Ledden – Vörstetten – Deutschland
Michael Voelkel – Celle – Deutschland
Birgit Vogel – Schwarzenbach am wald – Deutschland
Uta von Franqué – Hamburg – Deutschland
Gabriele von Moers – München – Deutschland
Peter Michael Wahlich – Stoetze – Deutschland
Ulrich Warntjen – Aurich – Deutschland
Dr. Valentin Wember* – Tübingen – Deutschland
Nicholas Wijnberg – Wangen – Deutschland
Andreas Wilkens – Herrischried – Deutschland
Rainer Wuttig – Mannheim – Deutschland
Marietta Zander – Lübeck – Deutschland
Monika Zinck – Kiel – Deutschland
Jan Penninckx – Karjalohja – Finnland
Jean Cousquer – Saint Cybranet – Frankreich
Sylviane Cousquer – Saint Cybranet – Frankreich
Bruno Cousquer – Saint Cybranet – Frankreich
Jessie Delage – Paris – Frankreich
Catherine Gobert – Aix en Provence – Frankreich
Marie-Noëlle Guéroult – Brens – Frankreich
Bernadette Hegu – Paris – Frankreich
Kasper Tideman – Pune – Indien
Ulrike Farnleitner – Piltown – Ireland
Bruna Corrado – Castellamonte ( Torino ) – Italien
Dr. SSA Maria Elena de Bellis – Vigonovo – Italien
Dr. Giovanna Gigli – Lainate (MI) – Italien
Monika Margesin – Meran – Italien
Dr. Marco Morello – Casale Scodosia – Italien
Bruce Alexander – Duncan BC – Kanada
Micah Edelstein – Halifax – Kanada
Jonas Huston – Duncan – Kanada
Donna Huston – Cowichan Bay – Kanada
Fiona Yaki – Victoria , BC – Kanada
Drs Barbera Bischot – Arnhem – Niederlande
Alphons Buijsers – Eijsden – Niederlande
Lou de Boer – Nieuwerkerk a.d. ijssel – Niederlande
Renata de Zwaan – Den Haag – Niederlande
Anna Hollenberg – Bergen – Niederlande
Drs Ronald Kooij – Utrecht – Niederlande
Joke Steigstra – Rotterdam – Niederlande
Margarete van den Brink – Zeist – Niederlande
Arine van der Heul – Zeist – Niederlande
Jelle van der Schuit – Zoetermeer – Niederlande
Jeannette van der Schuit – Zoetermeer – Niederlande
Els van Dongen – Nijmegen – Niederlande
Dhr Jan van Gils – Zeist – Niederlande
Dr. Jan Diek van Mansvelt – Muiderberg – Niederlande
Ineke van Strien – Sint Philipsland – Niederlande
Thea van Veen – H.I. Ambacht – Niederlande
Urs Gamper – Vestre Gausdal – Norwegen
Frank Gerritsen – Moelv – Norwegen
Friedrun Plementas – Moss – Norwegen
Walter Appl – Wals – Österreich
Franz Fraberger – Rif – Österreich
Dr. med. univ. Dietmar Golth – Salzburg – Österreich
Doris Neureiter – Frankenmarkt – Österreich
Aglaia Porsche – Thalgau – Österreich
Andrea Wagner – Wien – Österreich
Regina Wolfesberger – Alkoven – Österreich
Johann Wolfesberger – Alkoven – Österreich
Gisela Bächi – Dornach – Schweiz
Beatrice Berner – Rheinfelden – Schweiz
Rudolf Bitschnau – Kreuzlingen – Schweiz
Dieter Bosshart – Ittigen – Schweiz
Paul Brunner – Lauterbrunnen – Schweiz
Esther Brunner – Lauterbrunnen – Schweiz
Marie-M Bucher – Büren zum Hof – Schweiz
Rita Buess – Arlesheim – Schweiz
Heidrun Dähler – Nennigkofen – Schweiz
Johannes Falk – Dornach – Schweiz
Anne-Marie Fanghänel – Liestal – Schweiz
Rosmarie Feucht – Gontenschwil – Schweiz
Michel Fischer – Arlesheim – Schweiz
Edith Fischer – Arlesheim – Schweiz
Christiane Frank – Dornach – Schweiz
Dr.med. Michaela Gauch – Chur – Schweiz
Rosmarie Giese – Münchenstein – Schweiz
Felix Glatz – Bellach – Schweiz
Martin Haller – Bättwil – Schweiz
Sophia Hausendorf – Münchenstein – Schweiz
Thomas  Heck* – Dornach – Schweiz
Heidrun Hiebel – Locarno – Schweiz
Sophia Holleman – Dornach, Zwitserland – Schweiz
Herbert Holliger* – Arlesheim – Schweiz
Bernard Hucher – Basel – Schweiz
Christoph Keller – Gempen – Schweiz
Almut Listl – Lengwil – Schweiz
Eva Lohmann-Heck* – Dornach – Schweiz
Reto Mettauer – Gelterkinden – Schweiz
Niklaus Müller – Zollikerberg – Schweiz
Ulrich Niederberger – Dornach – Schweiz
Conradin Obrecht – Hochwald – Schweiz
Barbara Oehl – Brugg – Schweiz
Reiner Salzer – Münchenstein – Schweiz
Nina Seth – Biel – Schweiz
Frieder Sprich – Arlesheim – Schweiz
Roland Tüscher* – Gempen – Schweiz
Jolanda Wimmer – Bättwil – Schweiz
Lic. med. Carlos de Quero Kops – Capdepera – Spanien
Christiane Wigand – Somerset West – Südafrika
Graham Kennish – Gloucester – United Kingdom
Steve Lyons – Aberdeen – United Kingdom
Caroline Westlake – W. Sussex – United Kingdom
Rebecca McGrath – Sparks, NV – USA
Colleen Turner – San Francisco – USA

(Those signatories are listed who agree to their names being published on the Internet).

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